Food Production Manager-2nd Shift

Based at our Chaska, MN location, you will work as a floor supervisor, directing the production of one or more work areas ensuring production is conducted in a safe and efficient manner. The position is hands on, working in the areas as a team leader, ensuring the quality and quantity of product produced in assigned work area.

The Production Manager joins the other managers to form a management team which is responsive to the needs of both the company and the employees they supervise.


  • Consistently insure that all dessert items produced in his/her work area are being produced according to the established formula specifications and quality assurance standards while maintaining high productivity levels.
  • Provide a safe, harmonious, non threatening work environment to his/her team members which promotes productivity and creativity through:
    • Responsibility in ensuring good training and orientation programs are being followed when new employees join the company or new products, equipment or policies are being implemented.
    • Scheduling and leading employee meetings, facilitate problem solving using creative and innovative ideas.
    • Properly counseling and coaching team and taking disciplinary action when needed.
    • Keeping employees informed of performance and schedules. Following up on employee concerns and issues.
    • Providing employee recognition with creative team awards and information for newsletter features on employees in such a manner to promote morale and improve performance.
  • Input production reporting data daily on computer including numbers of product produced/wasted and inventory used. Use SAP/MRP system, write schedules and rotation paperwork and complete work orders.
  • Responsible for controlling waste in their area. Monitor material usage to control over portioning and waste. Train and coach employees to follow procedures that control waste.
  • Control personnel costs by monitoring hours, overtime, schedules, breaks, wages and attendance records of personnel working in assigned area.
  • Responsible for monitoring food safety, food quality and security daily including SQF and QCCPs. Communicate/report any violations of food security or suspicious activity to direct manager. Escalates issues to QA and upper management as appropriate.
  • Maintain and record all written SQF, QCCP and HACCP documentation as prescribed by the corporate quality assurance department and regulatory agencies for his/her work area.
  • Ensure a safe work environment by enforcing, educating and coaching employees to follow Legendary Baking and OSHA safety standards for his/her work area.
  • Responsible for the knowledge, understanding, and enforcement of all company policies and regulations. Works to ensure Legendary Vision, Values and Culture is understood and followed by all employees starting with her/his behavior of leading by example.
  • Maintain a non-union status by responding positively and openly to the diversity and needs of work team through direct, open and honest communication.
  • Ensure teamwork and harmony exists between customers and Legendary Baking by solving daily problems in his/her work area in a win/win manner in which bakery and customers are satisfied, and the financial goals of Legendary Baking are met.
  • Develop team members through coaching and education in areas such as production, interpersonal skills, safety, quality and leadership. Documenting and reporting safety hazards or quality issues.
  • Optimize longevity of bakery assets through proper maintenance in his/her work area, safe work practices, proper handling and maintaining security of the building. Documenting and reporting equipment or areas in need of repair.

This position requires that a minimum of 70-80% of the time is spent on the production floor to build employee relationships, and assist in training projects.

  • Supervisory experience
  • 3+ years experience in Production, and successful completion of certificate in SQF and QCCPs.
  • Must possess the ability to understand and execute a variety of regulatory and company procedures and policies.
  • Must have the ability to read, write, count and be multi-task oriented.
  • Must be computer literate.
  • Must have the ability to interact positively with employees.
  • Must complete forklift safety and driving test.
  • Must be able to work independently, at a fast pace, follow and give directions and make decisions.
  • Preferred food service degree or AIB certification.

We believe in treating our team right and offer exceptional benefits including: Competitive Pay, Health / Dental and vision Insurance, 401(k) Retirement Plan, FREE Life & Accidental Death Insurance, FREE Short & Long term Disability and FREE Discount Purchasing Plan, Paid Vacation Time, sick days, Holidays & much more!
We offer enrollment into our insurance on the first day of month after you are hired.
Equal Opportunity Employer

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